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TALK SMS - Social Meets Spiritual

Date: 3/14/11
Time: 7:15pm

Location: The Wohlgelernter Home
Address: 5431 Yarwell, 77096

Where do the the greatest group of Young Adults, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and social people in Houston spend 8 weeks learning the story of Purim? At SMS TALK where we will study the book of Esther, and the ideas behind the practices of the day, all while enjoying some great home cooked meals.

You will be pleased to discover that there are many YJP's searching for something more than just the next happy hour.

Dinner/Discussion -8:00
Tuition: $100 - includes amazing dinner each week

Class List:

1. The hidden messages in the Purim story.
2. Would the real Queen Esther please stand up!
3. The King and his Queen- relationship advice from King Achashverosh
4. Decoding the Megillah- Lessons for today from an ancient book
5. Modesty- Nothing to do with clothing
6. Where was G-D during the time of Purim?
7. Getting wasted- The stairway to heaven?
8. Purim Potluck- The focus of the Holiday

This series is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Eli Drucker and Sender Michaelov.

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