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ASCENT Faculty


Devorah Cohen
Director of ASCENT

Devorah Cohen is the newly recruited Director of ASCENT of TORCH. She was Director of Programming at Congregation Rodfei Sholom in San Antonio and additionally, she has worked successfully for five years for the Jewish Federation of Greater San Antonio as Director of the Jewish Community High School.
Devorah has a special ability to teach Judaism in an inspiring, relevant and meaningful way.


Faige Grossman
ASCENT Faculty

Faige is the Lead Faculty of ASCENT (Arlene Waldman Stock Center for Torah Women’s Division of TORCH). She has an M.A. in Special Education and an advanced Judaic studies degree. Faige’s intellectually inspiring classes are geared toward today’s woman, and focus on how relevant the Torah’s age-old wisdom is to our modern lives. Whether formally lecturing, leading a casual discussion group, or offering personal guidance, Faige’s unique blend of wisdom, insight and sensitivity leaves an indelible mark on all who come in contact with her. The Grossmans have three children, Ahuva, Sasson, and Penina.


Sara Nagel
ASCENT Faculty

Sara Nagel has a PhD in Audiology, and is employed by Texas Children’s Hospital. Their warmth and sincerity attract many young people to their Shabbat table each week. Sari and her husband Yaakov have six children, Meira, Tamar, Moshe, Devorah, Aliza, and Riva.


Zehava Wolbe
ASCENT Faculty

Zehava grew up in a place called "joisey" or New Jersey, and moved to Houston, TX in 2005. In 2009 she was the regional advisor for TORCH's JSU clubs. She currently runs many of the ASCENT women's program. She loves participating in the one-on-one learning program, and enjoys having guests for Shabbat dinner.
More than everything she is a proud mother of five children, Dovi, Meira, Shlomo, Ahuva and Yehuda.


Chaya Wolbe
ASCENT Faculty

Chaya Wolbe grew up in Toronto, Ontario.

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