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Lunch With Israeli Soldiers

Date: 2/21/17
Time: 12 PM

Location: TORCH Centre
Address: 9427 Glenfield Court
Phone: 8328075624

In Partnership With: Stand With Us

Door Price: $15

Come hear the stories of two inspiring young Israelis - their struggles, their successes, their military service, and their hopes and dreams. Ask the tough questions, and learn what it is actually like to live in a country that is the subject of so much discussion in the media and on campus. The soldiers speak in dozens of cities across North America each Spring, in venues including college campuses, high schools, synagogues, and churches. By the time the annual tour is finished, our soldiers will have shared their personal experiences with tens of thousands of students and community members.

We are privileged to have them join us here in Houston at the TORCH Centre for lunch on the 21st and we'd love for you to join!

Menu ~ Salad Bar, Bagels, Cream Cheese & Lox

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