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Shavuot 2013

Date: 5/14/13
Time: 11:00 PM

Location: See Below
Address: Various Locations
Phone: (713) 721-6400

Please join TORCH and TORCH Alumni at some of these incredible and inspiring all-night classes on Shavuot throughout Houston. Please note that each location has a plethora of other class offerings available throughout the evening. All Events are FREE.

Bellaire Jewish Center (5403 Braeburn Drive, Bellaire, TX 77401)
9:45 PM - Rabbi Gavriel Jacknin of BJC: "Body & Soul Struggle"
10:45 PM - Rabbi Yossi Grossman of JEI: "Sinai Unplugged"

Congregation Beth Rambam (11333 Braesridge, Houston, TX 77071)
12:00 AM - Rabbi Yaakov Cohen: "Read between the Tablets"
12:00 AM - Rabbi Danny Masri of CBR: Tikkun Leil Shavuot
2:30 AM - Signature Sephardic BBQ
1:00 AM - Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe: Special Classes for High School Teens
2:20 AM - Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe: "The 13 Attributes of G-d"

Meyerland Minyan (9606 Chimney Rock Road, Houston, TX 77096)
11:15 PM - Rabbi Gidon Moskovitz of MM: "Don't Steal my Deal vs. Fair Competition"
12:30 AM - Rabbi Yossi Grossman of JEI: "The Truth About Lying"
1:45 AM - Elliott Cin's Texas Style BBQ
4:00 AM - Rabbi Gavriel Jacknin of BJC: "Winning the Battle between Body & Soul"

Congregation Torah Vachesed (9730 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77096)
1:45 AM - Rabbi Yossi Grossman of JEI: "Commandment #3"
12:30 AM - Rabbi Avraham Yaghobian of CTV: "The Kabbalah of the Neshamah"

Young Israel of Houston (7823 Ludington Drive, Houston, TX 77071)
4:15 AM - Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe: "What did we actually receive at Mt. Sinai?"
All Night - Learning with the Kollel of Houston Torah Center

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