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Marriage & Relationships Event

Date: 2/16/12
Time: 8:00 PM

Location: Congregation Beth Rambam
Address: 11333 Braesridge Drive, 77071
Phone: (713) 721-6400 x101

Joing Rabbi Noach Orlowek in a conversation on "The Art of Communication in Marriage"

Rabbi Noach Orlowek is a renowned Jewish educator. He is currently the Mashgiach (Spiritual Advisor) of Torah Ohr Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He is a sought after speaker and travels frequently to the States to give speeches.

RABBI NOACH ORLOWEK lectures on relationships and character building and counsels students privately on a weekly basis. He lectures on five continents, mostly in the areas of parenting, teaching and relationship issues.

In more than a quarter-century of working with parents and students alike, he has developed an approach to parenting and life that has been successfully applied in the places where he teaches. He is the author of My Child, My Disciple, practical advice on discipline in the home, and My Disciple, My Child, practical advice on discipline in the classroom, and Raising Roses Among the Thorns - Bringing up Spiritually Healthy Children in Today's Society.

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