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March: Kosher Awareness Month

Date: 4/01/11
Time: 7:30 PM

Location: Aroma Classique
Address: 3953 Richmond Ave, 77027
Phone: (713) 721-6400

Kosher is too easy not to try!

Join HKA and TORCH for amazing events including Kosher Wine & Food Tasting, Supermarket tours, Educational Programs and much more! Your family's registration entitles you to every event, as well as over $100 in gift cards and coupons, discounts at local kosher restaurants and a free book, just to list a few!

Kosher Month Schedule:

Event 1: Sunday, March 6th at 4pm @ the Grossman Residence (5407 Rutherglen)
  • Kosher 101 Class with Rabbi Yossi Grossman
  • Signature BBQ with the best hot dogs, burgers, chicken, beer, and soda
  • Randall’s tour at 6pm and a delicious dessert buffet!

Event 2: Wednesday, March 9th @ Costco (3836 Richmond Ave, 77027)
  • All-day (Starting 1:00 PM) All-Kosher store wide food samples
  • Tour the Kosher products in Costco between 6pm & 7pm with Rabbis Wolbe, Grossman, and Jacknin while sampling an array of kosher products and your chance to suggest future products to be stocked

Event 3: Monday, March 21st at 7pm @ Congregation Torah VaChessed (9730 Hillcroft, 77096)
  • The Kabbalah of Kosher with Rabbi Yaghobian
  • Delicious Israeli dinner
  • Amazing Israeli Wine Tasting

Event 4: Thursday, March 24th at 7.30pm @ Aroma Classique (3953 Richmond Ave, 77027)
  • Going Kosher in 3 easy steps with Rabbi Grossman
  • Desserts & Coffee

Event 5: Wednesday, March 30th at 7:30 pm @ The Wolbe Residence (7527 Apache Plume Dr.)
  • Challah Baking Workshop with Zehava Wolbe
  • Kosher Eaters Anonymous – Support Group with Mrs. Shelly Kohr

Event 6: Friday, March 31st at 7pm @ The Wolbe Residence (7527 Apache Plume Dr.)
  • Kosher Month Shabbat Celebration Dinner – Join HKA, TORCH and all Kosher Month members at the Wolbe home for a delicious dinner, complete with kosher month awards and a final dose of kosher month inspiration.

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