TORCH Dinner 2014

Host Committee

Charlotte and Sam Axelrad
Vicki and Michael Richker
Priscilla and Tommy Roosth
Lili and Bill Stern
Hononary Co-Chairs

Bari and David Fishel
Jacqui Hecht and Wayne Dorris

Bobbi and Tom Asarch
Melinda and David Askin
Stephanie and Marvin Beasley
Cathy and Bob Binstock
Amara and Jon Biro
Ruth and Reuven Bisk
Josh Blackman
Wendy and Ira Bleiweiss
Linda and Nelson Block
Kristina and Yaniv Boshernitzan
Lisa and Aaron Brown
Marty and Melvin Buck
Belinda Denn and Scott Chanin
Ira Chenkin
Holly and Elliott Cin
Hillary and Noah Davis
Barbara and Howard Derman
Jared Dubin
Monica Finberg
Elaine and Marvy Finger
Sandra and Steve Finkelman
Nancy and Richard Freed
Rochelle and Rabbi Yerachmiel Garfield
Shimrit and Asaf Golan
June and Leonard Goldberg
Raquel and Jacobo Goldberg
Rosita Goldberger
Denise and Dan Goldfine
Len Gomberg
Shani and Alex Gonik
Rabbi Dan Gordon
Faige and Rabbi Yossi Grossman
Cynthia and Ben Helstein
Paul Hirsch
Sue and Stuart Jacobson
Shirley and Gary Katz
Deena and Rabbi Avraham Kravetz
Shawna and Dan Kullman
Debbie Leipzig
Amy and Benjamin Leipzig
Jillian and Brian Levinson
Abigail Neiman and Marshall Levit
Malka and Brad Levy
Ronit and Reuven Linzer
Esti and Rabbi Shlomo Littman
Susan and David Marbin
Nomi and Rabbi Danny Masri
Laura and Tony Massa
Penina and Binyamin Medetsky
Amy and Mike Merkin
Dionne and Bryan Miller
Lolly Friedman and Stuart Miller
Valerie and Etan Mirwis
Malka and Rabbi Gideon Moskovitz
Susan and Zev Munk
Sari and Rabbi Yaakov Nagel
Shannon and Jack Nuszen
Tova and Alex Pfeffer
Joanna and Eric Pines
Frumie and Yakov Polatsek
Esther and Gary Polland
Donna and Harry Price
Rabbi Joseph Radinsky
Erik Rahimi
Dena and Cantor Lance Rhodes
Annette and Kenny Rosen
Robin and Steven Rocket Rosen
Melanie and Gregg Rosenberg
Karen and Steve Rosenblatt
Aaron Rosenstock
Sarah and Marc Rosenstock
Lori and Stephen Rubin
Georgia and Steve Rudoff
Myra Weisfeld Sadick
Sarah and Daniel Schlossberg
Howard Schreiber
Carol Lee Seliger
Shoshanna and Mitch Seruya
Shaindy and Josh Serwatien
Carol and Jerry Silverman
Mikhal and Rabbi Shmuel Soussan
Vicky and Rabbi Raanan Teller
Barbara and Brian Thum
Leslie and Sanford Weiner
Mitzi Shure and Jerry Wische
Midge Wische
Elky and Rabbi Yaakov Wohlgelernter
Tammy and Gary Wolfe
Rachel and Rabbi Yaghobian
Beth and Jeffrey Yarus
Rozita and Rudi Yeroshalmi
Kay and Fred Zeidman

This Host Committee list is being updated daily, please check again shortly ...

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